Monday, May 24, 2010


In summer I never stay in Badajoz, because there aren´t any beaches and it´is very hot. I go to the summer campus with my friends,it is very funny. In summer it is the fair of Badajoz and there are many people. I go to the beach with my mum, and before that I go with my dad. I go to Cadiz or Huelva with my mum. I go to Algarve in Portugal with my dad.
I would like to go to Rivera Maya in summer because there are beatiful beaches but also,I´d like to go to Washington DC or New York because the big cities are very baeutiful . I would buy much chocolate and eat very much.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The holidays (Fran , from Spain)

In the summer I go on holidays with my parents to the beach . I usually stay at  the beach for one week . Sometimes I usually go to the summer camps  . I sometimes stay in my house and go to my swimming pool with my friends .
For my ideal holidays I would  go to Ibiza and Caribe with my friends and visit a lot of cities, monuments and many beaches.
In ibiza I would have to swim  in many beaches, because is very beautiful , also I would visit  the street markets. In Ibiza and The Caribe  I would dive in the sea

Monday, May 17, 2010


On holiday I love going to foreign countries because I love different cultures and monuments.
I hate travelling too long by car because it is very boring but I travel to the beach and my village by car.
In summer I usually go to the beach with my parents and my sister because we love going to the beach. Last summer, I went to London with my family. It's very beautiful and I practised my
I have just gone to Tenerife with my class, it was a school trip, and we had a good time.
Next summer, I would like to travel to Sidney, because I love this city. I would like to visit the Opera in Sidney because it's very big and very beautiful, The Royal Botanical Gardens, because my parents love plants and me too; however, my sister hates plants.
Before, I would like to visit the Sidney tower and the Hyde Park because it's a beautiful park and it's very big. The Park has kangaroos and my sister and I love them.
I would liket to see the Queen Victoria building because in Sidney it's a very important monument, and I'd like to visit the Sidney Aquarium as I love sea animals.
I would go diving in the the sea since swimming with the sea animals is very funny.
When I stay in Badajoz, I meet my friends every day and we go to the swimming pool and play games in the park.
I'd like to travel to the beach with my friends but it's impossible.


On holidays, I have never gone to the beach because I hate it. In summer I stay in Badajoz for a month, 15 days in Cácers with my grandmother, 10 days in Salamanca, and 15 days in my village with my grandparents.
The last week of the summer I go to a fairground with my family.
On holidays I like reading a book, listening to music and playing the guitar or the piano.
My ideal holidays are going to the country to ride a horse, play with my dogs and go to the fairground because I love fairgrounds. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would like to go to Paris because in Paris there is a very big fairground and I would like to go up to the Eiffel Tower. I think French is a very beautiful language.

Monday, May 10, 2010


My perfect holidays would be going to a Caribian country with my parents and my friends.
In a Caribian country we would practice a lot of sports, for example adventure sports, with my friends. Also, I would enjoy in the beach. And with my parents I would go to beach and I´d go to the centre of the city with them.
Also I would like to go to the swimming pool in the Caribian hotel, for example in Jamaica, because it’s a beautiful country where to spend the holidays.

My Holidays, by Gema

On holidays I love going to the beach and visiting foreign countries too. I like travelling though I don’t like having to make long journeys by car. In summer I usually go with my family to the beach. Last year I was lucky to go to Paris. This summer I will travel to London. I would like to be older to go to the beach with my friends on holidays but for the moment I have to wait.

When I’m in Badajoz I go to the swimming pool and I meet my friends every day.

I would love to travel to Egypt, to New York and Venice.My ideal vacation would be to go to a foreign country with my friends and be there for fifteen days and also I would love to visit Egypt, I would like to see the pyramids and learn more about Egypt.